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2020 | Santa Clara, CA

Building the IoT Ecosystem

Platforms, Architectures, Applications & Connectivity

Agenda Snapshot

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  • How to Begin? Thinking of your technology & systems, product or customer outcome

  • Building business buy-in for tech investment

  • Devising new partner ecosystem and value chain

  • Platform choice & avoiding vendor lock-in

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  • What does Edge Computing mean to businesses

  • Edge vs Cloud: Use cases in business gain from Edge Computing

  • Edge Analytics: pros and cons of managing data at the endpoint

  • Data Management and manipulation: how are competing companies using insights

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  • Which is the right connectivity platform for you? NB-IoT vs LTE-M vs LPWA

  • Who is winning the 5G race and what can connectivity partners offer you?

  • Cost and challenges of different LPWAN options and multiprotocol processors

  • Comparing connectivity platforms across verticals

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  • IoT platform & reference architecture choice

  • Working with IT and legacy systems

  • IoT Stacks & Open Source

  • Building in security at every level: a constant, cross-cutting concern


Audience Demographic

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What our attendees say...

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IoT brought together an incredible group of highly skilled professionals that pushed my understanding of IoT and Blockchain technologies much further. Definitely a great event for those looking to connect with other professionals from a wide range of successful IoT-focused businesses

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Very good, was an interesting event.

Vice President
Wells Fargo
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Internet of Business has taken a great initiative in bringing IoT industry leaders in one place. This is a great opportunity for everybody to share ideas and learn from each other about business opportunities, existing and future technologies.

Enterprise Architect Lead
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I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse group of attendees to IoT Build 2018.  While many came from various walks of life, it was clear that we all struggled with similar problems.  Connecting with these folks and learning more about their solutions helped guide my thinking on how we might address problems in my organization.  The staff at IoT Build worked very hard to bring relevant topics to the forefront of this ever-changing environment in order to make it worthwhile to all the attendees.

Enterprise Software Project Lead
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It had been a while since I attended an industry conference and I was very energized coming out of it!

Sr. Mgr. QC Infrastructure Systems & Support
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Very good - very focused yet a broad view of the current status of IoT & its impact to the business & individual.

Principal, IT Solution Architect
Pacific Gas & Electric

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